Weekly auctions of horses, cattle and sheep. Watch for special consignments.

Owned and operated by Lyle Cunningham - also known as "End-'O-the Road" Auction House - because it sits at the end of a road! ;-)

Lyle is father of Mona (Mrs. Jack) Evans; grandfather of Laura and Nicole Evans; great-grandfather of Zach and Kayla Inman.

Cunningham history in Oak Springs area:

Jedadiah "Jed" Cunningham moved to the Oak Creek valley in the spring of 1878, with his wife and their 5 children, the youngest of which was 5-year-old Jeremiah. They lived on a farm, most of Section 12, in the west valley, nestled against the ridge, on the north side of the Houston Road. When Jeremiah was 24 years of age, he purchased the farm of J. Sullivan, on the south side of Houston Road, about a mile east of the farm he grew up on. His son, Ralph, was born in 1900, and farmed their 160, and helped out with the family on the larger home plot. Ralph's son, Lyle, was born in 1924. In the 1970, chicken houses were built on the southwest corner of that land. When the chicken business went away, one of the buildings was turned into the Auction House.

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