Diane will be happy to make arrangements for your group ride. Give her a call.

Various trails available, from half an hour to a full day. Ride to the Mill, along the river, or through the forest. Please stay on the well-marked trails.

Diane Bevins owns and operates the Bevins Stable & Trail Rides under The Bevins Trust umbrella as we first are introduced to this business in 1996 in "The Homeplace Revisited." Some short stories of earlier day during the developmentof the stables may be added later.

My image of Marilyn

[My image of Marilyn (image courtesy of WIkimedia Commons, Palamino_Horse.jpg)]

In "Back to the Homeplace" we learned that Diane loved to ride her Palamino mare, Marilyn, often with her daughter, Jennifer. That was in 1987 when Diane was an English teacher at the Oak Springs High School. In 1996, Jennifer, now the new large-animal veterinarian in the community, has opened her clinic adjacent to the stables on the homeplace. Heather Gates, a first cousin, daughter of Beverly (Bevins) and Paul Gates (he now runs the Mill), and a sophomore at Oak Springs High School, works part-time at the stable and helps out with trail rides, as well.

See an "excerpt" about the ladies and the stables from "The Homeplace Revisited" at the blog.

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