Ozarks Communications, Inc.


Matt Winslow, President and CEO of Bevins and Winslow ISP, Inc., announced that effective April 1, 1997, the company name would be changed to Ozarks Communications, Inc. (OCI) due to the growth of the company, the area served, and the new services being offered. OCI now offered cable television services as well as Internet access services. The company was also positioned to provide telephone services to communities, as well.

Previous notes on Bevins and Winslow ISP, Inc.:
Commerial Internet Service became available to many downtown Oak Springs businesses in the Fall of 1996. Service began at City Hall and spread throughout as the fall months progressed.
Residential Internet Service will begin to be available in the Spring of 1997 . Sign up for it now.

Bevins and Winslow ISP is owned and operated by Matt Winslow under The Bevins Trust umbrella.

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