Our name may change, but our service is always outstanding.

Historical Note: Harry Flanders is Bank President in both 1987 and in 1996.

Harry Flanders and Karen Bevins (Winslow) had gone to one-room country school together east of Oak Springs, and graduated in the Class of 1952 together from Oak Springs High School.

Harry had been the Bevins family banker for many years.

Early in "Back to the Homeplace" Jason described Harry:
"Jason had come to know Harry Flanders as the quintessential small town banker. Silver haired and in his mid-fifties, the impeccably attired banker more than adequately filled out his three-piece, charcoal suit. The gold watch chain across his girth matched the arrogance of his nod of acknowledgement as he was introduced, Jason noted."

Harry and his wife, Sarah (Campbell), have a daughter, Lisa, who graduated from Oak Springs, but had gone off to college and worked in St. Louis.
As the 1987 story begins, Lisa had just announced her engagement to Douglas Johnson. Doug had recently come from St. Louis, where he and Lisa met, to join the Oak Springs Ogden Law Firm.

[Doug and Lisa play keyed roles in both "Back to the Homeplace" and "Murder by the Homeplace" - to say more would qualify as a SPOILER!]

Here is an excerpt of Karen and Harry from "Back to the Homeplace" on Friday, May 8, 1987.

In 1990, Lisa Flanders married Jacob Howell, City Manager. She took the name Lisa Flanders-Howell.

In Jan 1997, Lisa is Vice President of Oak Springs Bank.
Also in Jan 1997: "At the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner, Lisa Flanders-Howell, Vice President at Oak Springs Bank, was honored by being receiving the Oak Star Award from the Chamber. This award is not given each year. Flanders-Howell was presented the award for 1996 as the business person leading the United Way effort to its most successful campaign in the 23 year history of the United Campaign in the Oak Springs area, along with the other local charitable activities in which she contributed."

Brief History of the Oak Springs Bank

The Bank was first chartered in 1852 by Jake Patton, Robert Baldridge, and Victor Campbell.

How the bank survived the Civil War period is a story of its own to be shared at a later time.

Through the years, the Campbell family was a constant in both ownership and operations, with Victor Campbell, followed by his son, Ralph Campbell, then his son, Vic, taking their turn in charge. Vic's son, Theodore, became involved in the 1920s. His daughter, Sarah, in 1955 married Harry Flanders. Harry joined the bank at that time, and succeeded to the Presidency in 1974, where he has been since that time.

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