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In 1987, as "Back to the Homeplace" begins...
Peter Bevins, the youngest of the Bevins siblings, had mysteriously left Missouri just as he was graduating from the University about the time his father died, nearly ten years earlier. No one knew whether Peter would return in response to the will of his mother. When he did, the mystery of his background deepened.

Peter chose to camp out under a giant White Oak on the ridge north and west of the Homeplace on his return.

In 1996, Peter and Sheila built a geodesic dome cabin near the giant White Oak tree of the ridge.
They have become active environmentalists. Their cabin is "off-the-grid."
Peter discovers he has a son, Jeremy, so he and Sheila get married and create a real family.
This story is told in "Christmas at the Homeplace."
In addition, Peter is the lead person in developing the McDonald Conservancy.

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