This page is for the Kirk family.

Don Kirk joined the Odgen Law Firm in the fall of 1987. He and Carter had been in law school together, but Carter returned to Oak Springs while Don had stayed in St. Louis and practiced law with corporate clients and had also taken some political appointments. He was now ready to finish his career, with Carter, in Oak Springs. Don's wife, Norma, had stayed in St. Louis with their son, Brian, while he finished High School. Norma had moved to Oak Springs in the Spring of 1988. Brian went on to college and law school, graduating a year after Christopher.

Norma died of breast cancer in 1992. She was just a couple of years older than Linda (Don had married younger, as had Carter).

Here is a excerpt of Brian's interview with Christopher to join the Ogden Law Firm, from "The Homeplace Revisited" from Saturday, August 31, 1996.

Brian joins the law firm in Oak Springs in "The Homeplace Revisited," in 1996. He and Jennifer find a common interest in their passion for studying their family histories.