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In 1987, as "Back to the Homeplace" begins...

Karen, the oldest Bevins sibling, is a life-long professional nurse. Her husband, Jason Winslow, is a successful partner in a Financial Planning firm. They live in Tucson, Arizona, where they have raised four children. The last is still in high school. They make the required commitment to come "Back to the Homeplace," in early 1987, in their motor home, to satisfy the conditions in her mother's will and estate, at substantial personal sacrifice.

Karen Bevins was born in 1934, when her mother, Mildred, was 17. Karen was therefore 53 in 1987 and 62 in 1996.

In 1944, Karen and Harry Flanders were each 10 years old, at Oak Creek School #4 together.
They graduated from Oak Springs High School together in the Class of 1952.

Karen married Jason Winslow in the fall of 1960 (November 27). Jason died in an auto accident in early June 1993.

Their first son, Matt, was born in 1962. Lori followed in 1964 and Erin in 1967. Kevin was born in 1970.

Karen had worked at the hospital for 16 years when they left Tucson for Oak Springs in 1987.

Earlier, they had moved to Tucson from Springfield, MO, in 1970; she started at the hospital in 1971

By 1996...

Karen was manager of the Homeplace Country Inn which she and Jason had created out of her parents' farmhouse.

Annual Arts and Crafts Fair - 1996 (from "The Homeplace Revisited," p.102):

"Scheduled for Saturday, September 28, this Show would be the 10th Annual, held each year on the last Saturday of September. Karen and Virginia had started this annual fund-raiser at that time hoping to benefit the Domestic Violence program they each supported. It had grown over the years, the committee had expanded, and it now benefited three charities. Both Breast Cancer Awareness and HIV/AIDS Awareness were also now beneficiaries of this community wide event. The juried art show and auction had been especially successful with a growing group of outstanding artists participating. The crafts part of the show had continued to grow, as well, with many local crafts people actively involved.
Mona Evans chaired the planning committee this year. Sheila knew that Mona was the daughter of Lyle Cunningham, wife of Jack Evans, the local State Farm Insurance Agent, and daughter-in-law of Doc Evans, the local veterinary. Mona and Jack had two daughters, Nicole and Laura."

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