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Here is a link to the Frank and Mildred (McDonald) Bevins Family History at The Homeplace Saga blog - you can see earlier generations of the McDonald family by following the links provided there.

The Founding of the Homeplace in the Oak Creek Valley, and the the town of Oak Springs, began in 1833 with the arrival of 11 persons, adults and children. The stories of the McDonald, Truesdale, Patton and Baldridge families had been shared on The Homeplace Saga blog, beginning here.

These "founding" stories are also being collected into a "short story collection" with a working title of "American Centennial at the Homeplace" which includes stories of what happened in Oak Springs and the Oak Creek Valley during and after the Civil War. The stories represent the actual stories from this distinctive region during that period.

Founding Families:
Robert Baldridge family
Henry McDonald family
Jake Patton family
Huge Truesdale family

Families arriving a bit later:
Owen Olson family - Owen and Anna arrived as a young married couple a few months after the founding families. They were welcomed by the founders.

The Victor Campbell family moved into the western Oak Creek valley in 1836. Their descendants have continued to live in the valley since.
Although first known as farmers and experts with mules, in later years they were best know as the family behind the Oak Springs Bank.

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