The Evans family is introduced in The Homeplace Revisited, in 1996.

Doc Evans is the long-time veterinarian in Oak Springs. He was there in 1987, but just not mentioned.
In 1996, Doc Evans turned over his large-animal clients to Dr. Jennifer Bevins, but continued to operate his small-animal clinic.

Jack Evans is the local State Farm Insurance agent in 1996, and current President of the Oak Springs Chamber of Commerce.
Jack is also the son of Doc Evans. Jack in married to Mona Cunningham, daughter of Lyle Cunningham, over of the auction house, "End-O-the-Road."

Jack and Mona Evans had two daughters, Laura and Nicole.

We learn that Laura is married to Travis Inman, and they have two children, Kayla and Zach. Travis is in the U.S. Army, currently serving in Bosnia.

Nicole has recently returned (in 1996) to live in Oak Springs and works at the Big Thunder Lodge, northeast of Oak Springs.
As this story begins, Nicole is living with her grandparents, Doc Evans and his wife, and helping in the vet clinic when she is at home there.

As the story progresses, Nicole and Christopher Ogden begin to date.