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In 1987, as "Back to the Homeplace" begins...
Bart, next to the youngest Bevins sibling, and his wife, Diane, had been farming the Homeplace for several years for his mother. They had expected they would continue to do so for the family following Mrs. Bevin's death. They were shocked and unsettled by the unusual 'video will' that his mother had left for the family. What would it mean for their future, and those of their two teenaged children, Donnie and Jennifer?

Penny Nixon, in "Murder by the Homeplace" says this:
"Bart had reminded me of Missouri-native born actor, John Goodman, from the first day I met him"

John Goodman.jpg

Here is an excerpt about Bart and Jason from early in "Back to the Homeplace" on Tuesday, March 3, 1987

Here is a excerpt about Bart and Cletus from "Back to the Homeplace" on Sunday, August 16, 1987.

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